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    TAMPA, FL, June 24th, 2019 – For nearly a decade, Bayshore Fit, an upscale gym with limited memberships, the best equipment, top trainers, and a friendly atmosphere, has been one of South Tampa’s best-kept secrets. Now, with the launch of its new multimedia website, the secret is out!
    “Since we first opened, we’ve only wanted to give our members one thing – a great workout experience with a friendly vibe and none of the complications and long contracts of a big box gym,” says Jeff Fink, co-owner at Bayshore Fit.
    “Just how Bayshore Fit’s limited membership means no wait lines for equipment,” continues Fink, “the new website uses the latest in web development practices to give a fast, streamlined user experience.”
    “We took everything we loved about the fitness industry over the last 20 years, and put it into play at our gym,” says Beth Scanlan, co-owner at Bayshore Fit. “But we realized that our website wasn’t telling that story, neither was our social media,” she says. “We decided to invest in a new website to truly give our members the best resources to improve their health and get information on the go.”
    Located in the heart of South Tampa, Bayshore Fit’s 9,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art fitness facility offers something for everyone, no matter their experience or fitness level. Focusing on usability, speed, and functionality, the new site allows visitors to easily access information such as class schedules, trainer information, memberships, rates, video testimonials from other members, and other details – all at their fingertips.
    The new BayshoreFit.com also comes with an updated brand refresh – a new take on their identity and social presence that better reflects their philosophy and dedication to health and fitness.
    Coupled with their brand update comes the Bayshore Fit Flash – a new health and fitness blog where members can ask trainers questions about nutrition, recommended exercises, training tips, and workout guidelines.
    “We want everyone to reach out with their questions directly over social media, and to let us know what they want to learn about when it comes to fitness,” Fink says.
    Bayshore Fit is a gym that has something for everyone. Featuring top-of-the-line equipment, world-class trainers, no long-term commitments and a robust class schedule, current members and future members can now take advantage of this information on the newly redesigned website. For more information, visit www.bayshorefit.com
    About Bayshore Fit:
    Bayshore Fit is an upscale gym with a friendly vibe located in South Tampa, Florida. Owners Beth Scanlan and Jeff Fink, with over 20 years of fitness expertise, created their ideal gym that breaks out of the big-box gym mold.
    At Bayshore Fit, members are greeted by their name and enjoy clean, updated equipment with no crowds. The gym also offers members unlimited classes, customized personal training sessions and a unique outdoor functional fitness shed. Everyone, regardless of their fitness level, has a place at Bayshore Fit.
    For more information, visit https://bayshorefit.com/.
    Contact Information:
    Beth Scanlan and Jeff Fink, Owners
    Bayshore Fit