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    Offer Valid: 11/13/2018 - 12/20/2019
    Smart Estate Planning - Made Simple
    • Offers estate planning education/review to existing and prospective clients
    • Educates client about general estate planning concepts
    • Client signs any necessary fee agreements
    • Collects fee for their role in the process
    • Assist client in completing attorney’s online questionnaire

    Create - Attorney and Advanced Automation Recommend, Review and Draft Documents

    • Attorney and legal analytics review client data
    • Clarifies and collects additional Information as needed
    • Performs conflicts check
    • Determines documents to be included in client’s estate plan
    • Prepares necessary documents
    • Collects a fee for legal services rendered
    • Prepares estate planning documents

    Sign - Advisor Helps Client Sign & Notarize Documents

    • Sign and notarize documents
    • Upload executed signature pages to attorney
    • Analysis and review of assets
    • Reach out and notify stakeholders

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