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  • Cubix Inc. can provide a sanitization solution to help give you peace of mind

    In the wake of the coronavirus, Cubix Inc can provide a disinfectant solution to give your customers and employees peace of mind that you are doing due diligence to protect their environment.

    Electrostatic Fogging applies chemical to improve infectious disease control by applying chemical in a efficient controlled manor reducing down time and effective with hard to reach areas. Our process reduces the time it takes to cover and disinfect all surfaces
    by 50% while killing 99.9% of noroviruses and rotoviruses (including coronavirus) on contact. This process combined with routine touch point disinfecting will greatly increase the protection of your employees.

    It has a residual disinfection effect that can last up to 7 months. Our Disinfectant is registered with the EPA (unlike many other sanitizing products), is approved for use in food service areas (safe to make contact with kitchen utensils, etc.), and is noncorrosive
    (will not corrode metal surfaces, electronic equipment, etc.) Electrostatic advantage: applying the product with our electrostatic sprayers has two advantages; (1) the spray droplets are much finer and make better contact with surfaces, and (2) the
    sprayer charges the droplets so they literally wrap around objects so as to make contact with all surfaces (i.e., under tables, desks, counters, etc.)

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