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  • CROSSAIROCEAN is proud to announce the opening of their Aviation Training School.

    News Release: 
    (Spring Hill, FL) 
    Aviation training 
    CROSSAIROCEAN is proud to announce the opening of their Aviation Training School.  
    With the new generation of AATD (Advanced Aviation Training Device), it is possible to strongly reduce the price of flight training if the instructor works professionally and is not only doing it to build hours. If you do things fairly, I am sure that everybody involved in the teaching process can win (student,  instructor and even the flying school). 
    CROSSAIROCEAN was founded by Captain Lucien Valier who has been piloting for more than 30 years. He has also been  teaching music for many years (double bass, bass guitar, classical guitar). He wanted to open this school to prove to people  that you do not need to be a “rocket scientist” to learn how to fly an airplane and the training can be done with some fun. 
    At CROSSAIROCEAN, we just would like to open a “gate” to people who still think that flying an airplane is only reserved for  an “Elite” and to those who would like to “test” an aircraft but are a little bit afraid of joining the aviation community. 
    It is for that reason at CROSSAIROCEAN, we mainly focus on the private license and the instrument rating to help introduce the beginner into the aviation community while minimizing the risks of discouragement. We enable our students to gently start the training program without thinking about making a career of it. 
    For students looking to go further in aviation, CROSSAIROCEAN offer addition training for commercial pilot license (both single & multi engine), and Instructor pilot license (CFI, CFII, MEI).
    CROSSAIROCEAN is located at Brooksville-Tampa Bay Regional Airport with our office at 5331 Commercial Way, Suite # 112, Spring Hill, 34606 Florida, USA. We are also close to the Orlando’s theme parks where everybody can both have a pleasant holiday and learn how to fly an airplane. 
    At CROSSAIROCEAN, we use the flight simulator a little bit more than other schools. Most difficult maneuvers will be carried  out using this device. Why? 
    1 To save the student time and money. 
    2 To better understand the “philosophy” of each maneuver. 
    3 To reduce stress and therefore help better learning. 
    To find out more, go to www.crossairoceanusa.com 
    5331 Commercial Way, Suite #112 
    Spring Hill, FL 34606 
    Phone: 763-898-7688