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  • Tampa General Hospital Partners with TytoCare To Create TGH Virtual Health Kit

    Tampa General Hospital Partners with TytoCare To Create TGH Virtual Health Kit

    The TGH Virtual Health Kit, powered by TytoCare, will help bring convenient and innovative health care directly to patients at home. 
    Tampa, FL (March 23, 2021) – Tampa General Hospital (TGH) and TytoCare are partnering to create the first innovative at-home telehealth kit in the Tampa Bay area, TGH Virtual Health Kit. This at-home kit will provide on-demand virtual medical exams for patients from a licensed provider from TGH’s urgent care team, TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track. TytoCare is the healthcare industry’s first all-in-one modular device and telehealth platform for AI-powered, on-demand remote medical examinations.
    This cutting-edge telehealth solution features a handheld TytoCare device with accompanying attachments that allow patients to conduct comprehensive medical exams of the ears, lungs, heart, throat, skin and abdomen, as well as heart rate and body temperature, from anywhere at any time. The FDA-cleared TytoCare kit includes a built-in high-resolution exam camera and thermometer, along with an otoscope adaptor for examining the ears, a stethoscope adaptor for examining heart and lung sounds, and a tongue depressor for examining the throat.  This enables the provider to remotely diagnose and treat common conditions such as:

    • Ear Infections
    • Upper respiratory issues/sore throat
    • Rashes/bug bites/skin issues
    • Cold and flu
    • Congestion/sinus issues
    • Stomach issues
    The TGH Virtual Health Kit is user friendly and features built-in guidance technology to help ensure accuracy and ease of use.
    Upon purchasing the kit, the patient downloads the free TGH Virtual Health app available on iOS or Android and using their Wi-Fi or hotspot, connects the device to their TGH Virtual Health account. From there, the patient can request a visit with a medical provider who can help guide the patient through any necessary exams using the device and its attachments. “The TGH Virtual Health Kit will allow us, as providers, to perform detailed clinical exams for patients to accurately diagnose common illnesses remotely,” said Paul Nanda, M.D., chief medical officer at TGH Urgent Care powered by Fast Track. “It’s easy for consumers to use for themselves or for their family members. A remote exam performed in real-time means we can provide patients the right treatments at the right time from the comfort and convenience of their own homes, and help patients feel better quickly."
    The TGH Virtual Health app provides convenient care with an average wait time of as little as six minutes. While providers are available on the app 24/7/365 for virtual health needs, the TGH Virtual Health Kit can be used from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily with TGH Urgent Care, powered by Fast Track providers.
    “The TGH Virtual Health Kit is going to introduce people to the next level of telehealth,” said Adam Smith, senior vice president, Ambulatory Services, Tampa General Hospital. “Innovation is a priority at TGH and being able to bring that innovation into our patients’ homes is amazing.”
    This kit can be used to examine both adults and children. Patients must be in the State of Florida to use the TGH Virtual Health Kit. The information recorded from the TytoCare device is stored in a secure cloud which complies with privacy regulations. Only the provider and the patient will be able to access this information.
    To purchase or learn more about the TGH Virtual Health Kit, please visit tytocare.com/tgh/.
    To learn more about the free virtual visit app or how to download it, please click on TGH Virtual Health. In the event of a serious medical emergency, call 911 immediately to receive the necessary care.