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  • Troy University: Leadership 101 Course

    The Leadership 101 course will equip you to thrive in a post-pandemic world, regardless of where you are now in your life and career. This course will explore personal development, leadership styles and actions, cultural diversity and current events, all through the lens of effective leadership. The course will feature some of Troy University’s most outstanding faculty.

    This course is free and open to anyone, and does not require enrollment in TROY to participate.

    However, for students who enroll in Fall 2020 or Term 1 2020 at TROY, this course can count for three credit hours as a general elective or minor course. To count for academic credit, students must pass a challenge exam at the end of the course. Current TROY students who participate must have less than 15 hours of Troy University credit to receive academic credit for this free class.


    The course, exam and all course materials are free. Also, there is no textbook required for this course.