• Chamber Leadership

  • 2019 Board of Directors
  • 2021 Executive Committee 2021 Executive Committee

    2021 Chair of the Board
    Chris Bentley
    Johnson Jackson PLLC

    Rebekah Nault

    Immediate Past Chair
    Connie Gage

    Kevin Franzese
    Bank OZK 

    Consulting Attorney
    Joe Martinez
    Martinez Law 

    President & CEO
    Kelly Flannery, FCCP


  • 2021 Board of Directors 2021 Board of Directors

    Sally Dee (2018-2021)
    Playbook Public Relations, LLC

    Ed Siler (2016-2021)
    Troy University 

    Glenn Nielsen (2019-2021)
    Pics in the Glenn

    Debbie Lundberg (2020-2022)
    Presenting Powerfully by Debbie Lundberg

    Tanya Cielo (2020-2021)
    Sky Strategic Marketing 

    Dr. Shane Smith (2020-2021) 
    Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship 

    Cassandra D'Addio (2021-2023)
    The Family Dentist 

    Craig Beckinger (2021-2023)
    ABC Event Planning 

    Tara Moody (2021-2023)
    Synergy Technology Solutions

  • Past Chamber Board Chairs Past Chamber Board Chairs

    Sam Young 1968-69

    Willard Staples 1969-71

    Charles Springer 1971-72

    Charles Campbell 1972-74

    John Rumbough 1974-76

    Doris Crosby 1976-77

    Ed Worley 1977-78

    Richard Brown 1978-79   

    James Wisner 1979-80

    Bob Hatton  1982-83

    Larry Smith  1987-88

    Sally Harris   1988-89

    Bill Strickland  1989-90

    Bob Alexander  1990-91

    Anita Ramirez  1991-93

    Debra Palmer  1993-94

    Bill Wadsworth   1994-95

    Cindy Maxie  1995-96

    David Dowers  1996-97

    Ron Gauszka  1997-98

    Gail Moore  1998-99

    Dave Gutcher  1999-00

    Robert Rowen  2000-01

    Leigh Humes  2001-02

    Jerry Clark   2002-03

    Joe Dascola  2003-04

    David Jones  2004-05

    Anita Ramirez   2005-06

    Bob Graham   2006-07

    Ron Sweet  2007-08

    Dave Varrieur  2008-09 

    Dave Gutcher  2009-10

    James Quinlan  2010-11

    Dennis Meyers  2011-12

    Starr Tyrka 2014-15

    Mike Jenkins 2017-18

    Rebecca Williams 2012 

    Samantha Dammer 2015-16

    Ed Siler 2018-19

    Carson Burke Bomar 2012-14 

    Bill Yanger 2016-17

    Connie Gage 2019-21

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  • Mission:
    To provide a forum which connects members, enhances commerce and enriches the South Tampa community.

    Making South Tampa the best place to live, work and play.

    Members First - Member Satisfaction is our #1 priority.
    Community - We are a trusted and informed resource for the businesses and residents of South Tampa.
    Advocacy - We represent the interest of our membership in order to support and stimulate economic growth and a high quality of life.
    Integrity - We take our member investment seriously and operate honestly and ethically.
    Inclusive - We offer an environment where all feel welcome.