• Chamber Leadership

  • 2019 Board of Directors
  • 2019-120 Executive Committee

    2019 Chair of the Board
    Connie Gage
    The Toni Everett Company

    President & CEO
    Kelly A. Flannery


    Immediate Past Chair
    Ed Siler
    Troy University

    Gary LoDuca

    Thoughtful Advisors

    Consulting Attorney
    Chris Bentley
    Johnson Jackson LLC

  • 2019-20 Board of Directors

    Jen McDonald (2017-20)
    Merchant Insurance Solutions

    Mark Segel (2017-20)
    Bryan Glazer Family JCC

    Sally Dee (2018-21)
    Playbook Public Relations, LLC

    Stephanie Eukovich (2018-21)
    Tampa Bay Business Journal

    Angel Cabrera (2019-22)

    Rebekah Nault (2019-22)

    Glenn Nielsen (2019-22)
    Pics in the Glenn

    Lisa Demmi (2019)
    KohlerHaus, LLC

    Tom Garthwaite (2019)
    St. Joseph's Hospital

    Starr Tyrka (2019)
    Past Chair of the Board
    Shining Star Insurance LLC

  • Past Chamber Board Chairs

    Sam Young 1968-69

    Willard Staples 1969-71

    Charles Springer 1971-72

    Charles Campbell 1972-74

    John Rumbough 1974-76

    Doris Crosby 1976-77

    Ed Worley 1977-78

    Richard Brown 1978-79   

    James Wisner 1979-80

    Bob Hatton  1982-83

    Larry Smith  1987-88

    Sally Harris   1988-89

    Bill Strickland  1989-90

    Bob Alexander  1990-91

    Anita Ramirez  1991-93

    Debra Palmer  1993-94

    Bill Wadsworth   1994-95

    Cindy Maxie  1995-96

    David Dowers  1996-97

    Ron Gauszka  1997-98

    Gail Moore  1998-99

    Dave Gutcher  1999-00

    Robert Rowen  2000-01

    Leigh Humes  2001-02

    Jerry Clark   2002-03

    Joe Dascola  2003-04

    David Jones  2004-05

    Anita Ramirez   2005-06

    Bob Graham   2006-07

    Ron Sweet  2007-08

    Dave Varrieur  2008-09 

    Dave Gutcher  2009-10

    James Quinlan  2010-11

    Dennis Meyers  2011-12

    Starr Tyrka 2014-15

    Mike Jenkins 2017-18

    Rebecca Williams 2012 

    Samantha Dammer 2015-16

    Ed Siler 2018-19

    Carson Burke Bomar 2012-14 

    Bill Yanger 2016-17

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  • Mission:
    To provide a forum which connects members, enhances commerce and enriches the South Tampa community.

    Making South Tampa the best place to live, work and play.

    Members First - Member Satisfaction is our #1 priority.
    Community - We are a trusted and informed resource for the businesses and residents of South Tampa.
    Advocacy - We represent the interest of our membership in order to support and stimulate economic growth and a hgh quality of life.
    Integrity - We take our member investment seriously and operate honestly and ethically.
    Inclusive - We offer an environment where all feel welcome.