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    Give Flats - Get Flats: Holiday Gift Card Offer

    Buy $25 Gift Card - Get $5 Bonus Bucks

    Gift Card Offer

    MILITARY DISCOUNT: IT consulting and managed services

    10% off all IT consulting and managed services for veteran-owned businesses. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

    10% off ALL SERVICES for Veteran-Owned Businesses!

    Shake Shack Truffle Focused Menu!

    We are super excited to share the details of our new truffle-focused menu!

    Urban E. Recycling: Recycle your old Electronics - No Charge - Free Pickup/Drop off

    We are an electronic recycling company. We recycle your old, broken or end-of-life electronics down to a component level. We provide a number of different services including pickup, destruction of data by shredding, certification and recycling. We provide these services at no cost to our customers.

    Destroy your data and Recycle your old electronics with Urban E Recycling

    401(k) Plan - Solo or Start Up Plans for $9/mos per participant - Super Value

    Stop rewarding expensive plan providers who ARE NOT STCoC MEMBERS that DO NOT provide high quality plan services. REMEMBER A MEMBER and get a GREAT 401(k) plan from Thoughtful Advisors.

    Get a High Quality - Low Cost - GREAT 401(k) Plan from STCoC Member Provider

    Save Smarter - Thoughtful Savings Plan

    Overcome the "savings gap" by leveraging a §162 Executive Bonus Plan. Our thoughtful tax-free income plan using Kai-Zen increases the savers contribution by up to 3 times with additional bank financed match. - No cost to employer - Voluntary employee benefit uses after-tax dollars - Not subject to ERISA rules - Employee makes 5 annual contributions - Low cost financing adds up to 3 times match - No loan qualification, personal guarantee or credit check - Employee contributions are sole collateral

    Overcome the "Saving Gap" and Save Like a 1%er!

    Nova Southeastern University gifts 20% off all master business degree programs

    Advance your education at Nova Southeastern University while saving money on tuition

    All South Tampa Chamber of Commerce members and staff qualify for the savings

    Free 30 Minute Physical therapy Consultation

    FREE 30 minute consultation with a doctor of physical therapy to assess your deficits and come up with a plan to get you pain free and stronger than ever.

    Get back to the activities you love!

    Big Rewards for Small Fleets

    Honest1 Auto Care: Big Rewards for Small Fleets! No Contracts – No Obligations, just savings. Ideal for your business vehicles, and your employee’s vehicles. Voted #1 in South Tampa!

    FREE 45 Minute Exploratory Coaching Session | Coach Will Keller

    FREE 45 Minute Exploratory Coaching Session with Coach Will Keller.

    10% OFF All Day, Every Day

    Nova Southeastern University discount for all chamber members and employees!

    Take advantage of saving money while earning a business or computing or engineering degree at NSU!

    Exclusive only to NSU's College of Business and College of Computing and Engineering Degrees

    South Tampa Chamber Members, Active Military, Veterans & 1st Responders

    Discount on Highlands Ability Battery with Coach Will Keller!

    Highlands Ability Battery at a special rate of $600 (normally $750) with Coach Will Keller for STCOC members and their immediate family.